Does Tinder make you a sex addict?

Nowadays it’s really easy to hook up with girls/guys

We can choose from a lot of dating sites out there, but most of them charge you for
even sending a message. The easiest and most efficient is Tinder. Basically if you play your cards right, you can get hooked up the next day (or even earlier).
You just need to “like” if you think a partner is right for you. If she/he likes you back, you can talk to her/him. There you go. The road is open.
But does all this easy dating and hook up make you sex a addict?

We have found out that guys begin Tindering like crazy after a recent break up with a girlfriend. What’s happening is that the guy gets afraid he will end up
all alone. Feeling heartbroken, he decides to use the girls only for “that”. We think it’s kind of a revenge. Or the guy just wants to have fun, and doesn’t care anymore.
All in all this tells us, that you CAN get addictive, but not only from Tinder. All dating sites are more or less the same.

How to find out you are addicted to sex? Well as long as it’s good and fun for you, you are not addicted. But when you find out that you need a certain amount of sex/hookups
daily, that means you are certainly addicted. It’s like alcohol, and other stuff really. If you drink a glass of beer a day, that means you are addicted cause you need to have
even that one glass a day. No excuses. But if you only drink once a while, and not periodically, it means everything is fine
So keep attention to only have sex, and watch porn for fun. And not for your “needs”. Hope we helped. By the way Tgpdog is here to fill all your needs when it comes to porn.

So why not watch some free porn videos while not Tindering?

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